Why weren’t you available and/or why did you not respond in the past months?

We are very sorry that there was no response via telephone or via Facebook. Unfortunately, the old Bakker was bankrupt and our customer service department was no longer active as a result. There was also an error in the telephone settings, causing some people to wait in queue. That was not what we intended, and we apologise.

We have worked hard to establish a brand-new customer service department.

I did/did not receive my order from before the bankruptcy, and I am not pleased.

Unfortunately, we cannot do anything about orders made with “old Bakker”. You may contact Michael Gregson via 07946 633327 or 01733 421912.

Unfortunately, we, as new Bakker, cannot refund your money. Our apologies for the inconvenience. What we can do, however, is compensate you with a discount voucher, or we can place a new order with this discount. If you would like to take advantage of this offer, please contact our customer service department at customerservice.uk@bakker.com or via 01132 375580.