All about Kitchen gardening

Kitchen garden: fresh, homegrown fruits and vegetables!

Fresh fruit and vegetables: perfectly healthy and naturally delicious. You won’t even need to go to the shops for a serving of vegetables or fruit. With a kitchen garden you can grow vegetables and fruit from scratch! Use a small patch of garden or an allotment close to home. Kitchen gardening is the new trend that will help you to prepare a healthy meal in a sustainable and affordable way. By going back to pure nature, you will know better than anyone exactly what you eat! You can go enjoy delicious potatoes, carrots, tomatoes and peppers. Freshly homegrown! In addition, kitchen gardening is also very relaxing, so you can take some time to yourself. Read everything you need to know about kitchen gardening beneath. So you can grow your own!


How do I start my own vegetable garden?

When starting your own vegetable garden, it is good to do some preparation beforehand. On this page you’ll find some useful tips, inspiration and products, to give you a helping hand. Your fruits and vegetables will grow quickly and healthy!

  • Make sure the garden has easy access to water. You can water the kitchen garden and keep it well maintained!


  • A kitchen garden will ideally receive at least 6 hours a day of sunlight. Ideally, the garden will have a slight slope to the south so that sunlight is optimally utilised!


  • Make sure the soil is nutritious. Sand or clay is great to start planting and by adding compost you can really make the most of your vegetable garden.


  • Choose the right time to sow. It’s best to sow around March / April but be sure to keep an eye on the weather forecast.


  • Don’t dig the seeds too deep in the ground! If you do so, the probability of rot will be greater. The general rule is: plant the seed the same distance into the ground as the width of the seed. For example, a seed with a width of 3 mm, should be sown three mm under the ground.


If you start constructing  a kitchen garden, it doesn’t need not to be very large. You can even create a kitchen garden in one square metre, read all about kitchen gardens per square metre. Are you a beginner gardener? Beets, lettuce, endive and peas are easiest to grow. Do you want aim bigger? Then you can start with romaine lettuce, snow peas or even new potatoes. These are sure to provide a great harvest!

Anyone can be a kitchen gardener. You can start straight away with a small modest vegetable garden and can enjoy your own fruits and vegetables!