Wren nesting box

Wren nesting box

Hiding and nesting

Every garden needs a nesting box. This basic nesting box, made from the purest materials, provides a fine place to build a nest for the wren and helps keep bird populations where they belong or encourage them to return to an area. In the winter, the nesting box often proves to be an excellent hideaway for birds looking to escape bad weather.
Place the nesting box on a tree or wall at a height of up to 2 metres, in a well-hidden place between shrubs or climbing plants that is quiet and somewhat protected, so not in direct sun or in the direction of rain, with a clear flying route for the bird. For the sake of the birds’ territorial nature, hang the nesting box at least 10 metres away from others for the same species of bird and at least 3 metres away from feeders. The autumn is the best time to clean the nesting box.
  • keyhole opening
  • door on the front
  • 30 mm opening
  • suitable for the wren
  • Size: 11,3 x 13,5 x 25 cm
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