Trixi® 'Ayers Rock' Mix - Plant

Calibrachoa MiniFamous® 'Apricot Eye' + Verbena Lascar® 'Red' + Lobelia Curacao® 'Electric Purple' 
Trixi® 'Ayers Rock' Mix

Add some colour to your garden

A sensational mix of Verbena, Calibrachoa and Lobelia producing abundant blooms in warm shades. Perfect for hanging baskets, planters, beds and borders. Premium patio plants that go great anywhere!
This mix consists of:
  • Calibrachoa MiniFamous® 'Apricot Eye'
  • Verbena Lascar® 'Red'
  • Lobelia Curacao® 'Electric Purple'
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Flowering Period

Planting and flowering details
  • Planting
  • Choose a pot with holes in the base and layer the bottom with pot shards or clay pellets. Add some potting compost and place the Trixi® 'Ayers Rock' Mix plants at the correct depth, about 20 cm apart. Fill with more potting compost and press firmly down. Water generously immediately after planting. The plants will flower more profusely in a sunny spot. The Trixi® 'Ayers Rock' Mix plants will also do well in the flower bed or border.
    Trixi® 'Ayers Rock' Mix in a hanging basket
    Their hanging habit makes the Trixi® 'Ayers Rock' Mix very suitable for hanging baskets. Plant about 10 cm apart in a hanging basket. The stems grow through each other to hang gracefully over the edge and the unusual colour is lovely combined with other plants too.
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  • Care
  • Deadheading the spent flowers will encourage a second flowering. We recommend regularly adding plant food to the watering can when watering, for profuse flowering. Do water Trixi® 'Ayers Rock' Mix regularly to make sure that the potting compost does not dry out. These plants are annuals that will die off in the winter.
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  • Specifics
  • The Trixi® 'Ayers Rock' Mix plants are easily cared for. Their hanging habit and profuse flowering makes these colourful Trixi® 'Ayers Rock' Mix plants stars among patio plants.
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  • Extra information
  • Latin name Calibrachoa MiniFamous® 'Apricot Eye' + Verbena Lascar® 'Red' + Lobelia Curacao® 'Electric Purple'  
    Delivery type Supplied as container plant
    Guarantee 100% growth and flowering guarantee
    Color Mixed Colours
    Light preference full sun ,  partial sun
    Scented not scented
    Flowers for cutting no
    Flowering period May - November
    Growing height20 - 30 cm
    Planting distance15 - 20 cm
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