Seed Tape Alyssum 'Aphrodite' mix - Seed

Lobularia maritima 'Aphrodite'
Seed Tape Alyssum  'Aphrodite' mix

With this mix the garden brightens up completely!

Seed tape 'Aphrodite' Mix (Alyssum maritima) is an attractive mixture of compact, colourful plants for a sunny position in the border or garden. Seed tape is an ingenious invention and is the perfect way to create a sea of flowers in beds, borders or pots with very little effort. This variety is perhaps better known by its old name Alyssum procumbens. Length of seed tape 7.5 m.
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Flowering Period

Planting and flowering details

Plant Details

  • Planting
  • Sow in the garden, April and May.

    Sow preferably in full sun, in a sunny spot, party shaded if necessary! Loosen the soil with a fork to at least 30 cm and improve poor soil with some potting compost. Draw a straight furrow, 1 cm deep and label the row. Lay the seed tape along the row - cut to length and cover with 0.5-1 cm soil. Press carefully down and sprinkle with water. Extra rows at 20 cm apart.

    The seed will germinate in 7-14 days.

    Transplant your profusely flowering Lobularia maritima to their final position when you can easily grab them. Alyssum will thrive wherever you plant it - pots or garden. Rockeries are great too! Improve poor soil with some potting compost. Prepare a hole for each plant and set at 15 cm intervals in borders and beds. Pots can be at 8 cm intervals. Press firmly down and water immediately.
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  • Care
  • Water extra during periods, keep the bed weed-free and your Sweet Alyssum will thrive. Lobularia maritima is an easily grown annual that will thrive almost anywhere. Do not allow the roots to get dry. This plant will flower from June to the first frosts! It will flower even longer if the winter is a mild one.

    Maintenance free, deadheading is not necessary but a good hard cut back after the first flowering and before it turns to seed will ensure a strong, reflowering.

    It will seed itself well in the spring but does not take over. Just transplant extra seedlings to a new spot if necessary.
    Borders, beds, rockeries and pots.
    An ideal plant for in the garden, the strong Lobularia maritima is very undemanding and flowers from June until the first frost with lots of tiny flowers. It can handle quite a bit of drought. Grow Alyssum in the border or in the rockery - it will thrive in full sun or part shade in loose, well-drained soil. Beautiful along the edge of a border, or between stepping stones! It goes well with petunia and other summer flowers, wherever you plant it.

    Alyssum is great in pots and planters on the patio or decking. It forms a cushiony mound that grows over the edges so looks great in hanging baskets and pots. Plant young plants closer together in pots etc. than you would in the garden.
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  • Specifics
  • The genus name Lobularia comes from the Latin name globulus, meaning small globe, refers to the shape of the clusters of flowers, while the name of the species maritima refers to its habitat - in the western coastal regions of the Mediterranean. It is a member of the Cruciferae or Brassicaceae and this variety is also known as Alyssum procumbens.

    The original colour of Lobularia maritima is white, but nowadays there are various shades available, as in this seed tape containing lots of pink and purple shades.

    Alyssum smells just like honey, gives lots of nectar and will attract lots of bees and butterflies!
    We will keep on saying it, Alyssum looks just terrific in rockeries, borders, and beds, and pots, planters, window-boxes and hanging baskets on your patio or decking. It brings a lovely colourful accent to the summer!

    This annual's seed is hardy and it will bring you more cute flowers the following spring.
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