Paraffin oil greenhouse heater

Paraffin oil greenhouse heater

A must-have for sensitive plants!

The Nature greenhouse warmer has a capacity of 0.5 litres, runs on paraffin oil and is equipped with a hook for hanging. The small burner heats the greenhouse (for spaces less than 1 m2), so that there is no damage from frost. Burn time: roughly 2 days.

Heating with paraffin oil is an affordable way to distribute constant heat in your garden greenhouse. This is a must-have for sensitive plants, such as tropical plants, carnivorous plants, fuchsia, and geraniums, to make it through the winter. Once the flame has been lit, steam is released, which helps humidify the air in the greenhouse. The burning also produces carbon dioxide, which is essential for plant growth.

Dimensions: H 17 x Ø 11cm
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