Onion Set 'Corrado F1 hybride' - Bulb

Allium cepa 'Corrado F1 hybride'
Onion Set 'Corrado F1 hybride'
Onion sets 'Corrado' F1 Hybrid (Allium Cepa) are firm with a fine flavour. 1 kg of onion sets can harvest up to 40 kg of large onions. 'Corrado' F1 hybrid are elongated onions that can be planted when no more hard frosts are predicted. Enjoy your home grown onions from the middle of July.
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  • Planting
  • Onion set Allium Cepa ‘Corrado’ can be planted in rows between late February and mid-April. Recommended spacing distance between rows is about 30 cm. The distance between the onions is about 8 cm. First dig and loosen the soil then push the onions into the soil just below the surface. Delay planting in wet weather, important to know: onions love and grow best in full sun!
    Planting method
    In the garden - March-June.

    Plant in the garden, preferably in full sun from March up to June. Fork the soil loose to at least 30 cm. Draw a straight furrow of around 4 cm deep and label the row. Plant at 10 cm intervals. Cover your onion sets with about 3 cm of soil, press lightly down and sprinkle with water. Extra rows at 30 cm apart.
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  • Care
  • Onion ‘Corrado’ is an easy-to-grow vegetable and is ideal for any new gardener. In winter, add some garden fertiliser into the soil (about 50 grams per square metre) and sprinkle 40 grams of potassium per square metre. Make sure that after planting you keep the area free from weeds. During dry periods, do not forget to water to promote the development of the onions. In very wet summers, remove the wet soil around the onions, a few weeks before harvesting.
    Harvesting onions
    From mid-July onwards, you can start harvesting Allium cepa 'Corrado'. When about half the foliage has yellowed and beginning to wilt the onions can be lifted gently from the soil. Tie them in bundles to dry or spread them over an area sheltered from the rain. Once the outer skins become dry, remove all the wilted leaves. Onions can be stored for a long time in a cool and dry place.
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  • Specifics
  • Onion 'Corrado' F1 hybrid (Allium cepa) is a small, slightly elongated onion, firm with a fine flavour. A 1kg pack will produce 40 kg of mature onions. Be sure to have some parsley, chamomile and marigold nearby to keep onion flies away from the plants. Onions are very healthy and contain high levels of calcium, phosphorus and vitamin C. Onion Sets should have a rotation cycle when planted at home as root crops.
    How to use
    Onions are easy to store - yellow onions best of all. Keep them dry, cool and frost-free and they'll last the whole winter.

    Onions add flavour to any recipe, certainly in the Mediterranean kitchen. Fried with a piece of steak and served with potatoes and vegetables, or in soup. They are also great for cooking in a wok. Used raw in salads and sauces, onions are good for you and contain lots of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.
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  • Extra information
  • Latin name Allium cepa 'Corrado F1 hybride'
    Delivery type Supplied as bulb or tuber
    Guarantee Not applicable
    Light preference full sun ,  partial sun
    Circumference bulb7 - 8 cm
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