Norfolk Island pine - Plant

Araucaria heterophylla 
Norfolk Island pine

Conifer as an indoor plant

With the Araucaria heterophylla, the botanical name of the Norfolk Island pine, you bring a piece of the great outdoors into your home. This chic tree is native to Australia and is a conifer. In the wild, the Norfolk Island pine can reach heights of up to 40 metres. Indoors, this low-maintenance plant maintains a modest 130 cm. Want to try something different for Christmas? Hang a few ornaments and lights on your Norfolk Island pine. Fantastic!
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  • Planting
  • This indoor plant is delivered in a standard growers’ pot. The pine can easily be transferred from this pot to beautiful flower pot. After planting, immediately give a little water.

    For increased growth, transfer the plant to a larger decorative pot. Select a planter that is 20% larger than the growers’ pot.
    What do I need?
    • Decorative pot
    • Potting soil

    How do I plant the Norfolk Island pine in a pot?
    1. Fill the decorative pot with a layer of potting soil.
    2. Remove the plant from the growers’ pot.
    3. Place the plant in the centre of the decorative pot (leave 1 to 2 cm of space beneath the pot's edge).
    4. Next, fill the remaining space with potting soil.
    5. Press lightly on the soil.
    6. Immediately give it a little water.


    Put the Norfolk Island pine in a bright spot, but not in full sunlight. The plant prefers a room that is not too warm. Between 15 and 20 degrees Celsius is perfect. Like many plants, the Norfolk Island pine does not love a draughty or cold area. Do not place it near an open window. Is your pine looking a little shabby? If so, adjust how often you water it and place it in a brighter location.
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  • Care
  • What do I need?
    • Watering can
    • Plant mister

    Caring for your Norfolk Island pine
    • Water: the Norfolk Island pine requires little water. Only water the plant when the soil feels dry. The plant would rather be dry than wet. Yellow needles mean too much water, or too little light. Are the branches at the top of the pine drying out and dying? If so, give the plant more water. During the winter, the plant requires less water. You can spray the plant every once in a while with a mister. This removes dirt and dust from the plant and keeps it looking fresh.
    • Pruning: the Norfolk Island pine can easily be pruned to the desired shape. Grey branches should also be clipped: it is the plant’s natural way of discarding its needles.
    • Fertiliser: since Norfolk Island pines grow slowly by nature, there is little need to fertilise it.
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  • Extra information
  • Latin name Araucaria heterophylla 
    Delivery type Supplied as container plant
    Guarantee 100% growth and flowering guarantee
    Color Green
    Light preference partial sun ,  full shade
    Scented not scented
    Flowers for cutting no
    Growing height65 - 130 cm
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