Mica® Artificially Flowers Phalaenopsis purple

Mica® Artificially Flowers Phalaenopsis  purple

Artificial plants stand out in any space!

With its long stem full of white, butterfly-shaped flowers, this Phalaenopsis from the Mica Decorations collection is a true stunner. It is impossible to tell that this orchid is not the real thing! From the thick leaves to the whimsical, aerial roots, every last detail of the plant has been faithfully recreated using the best materials. The plant is 26 cm tall and the flowers have a yellow centre with tiny dots that serve as a lovely contrast to the white flowers. This popular house plant is firmly anchored inside a terracotta pot with basalt grey pigmentation, so every pot is unique. The pot is 7 cm in diameter and provides a sturdy foundation if you choose to use the plant in a decorative outer pot. However, ready for you to effortlessly enjoy, the basalt grey pot and the orchid themselves make a picture-perfect combination. Mica artificial flowers and plants provide you with an instantly available selection of both evergreen and colourful flowers to mix and match. These artificially produced flowers and plants require no maintenance or care and are made to be enjoyed forever.
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