Mica® Artificial Ficus Benjamina

Mica® Artificial Ficus Benjamina

Endless enjoyment with this Mica® Ficus!

The majestic looking Ficus Benjamina brings a bright green look to any interior! This Mica® Ficus is made in a really innovative material in varying shades of green. The bright young leaves combined with the darker ones, make a lovely contrast to each other. The leaves are attached to brown twigs and branches fixed to capricious stems, giving this ficus such a natural look, it's hard to distinguish from the real thing.
The whole plant is safely anchored in a weighted plastic pot of 12.5 cm in diameter - easily stood in your favourite planter. The whole plant comes ready to show - our experts posed all the leaves to their best advantage for a wonderful result. This ficus is immediately ready to be enjoyed.
Get some green energy in your home with this Mica® artificial ficus!
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