Luxform® Pillar Light Calais

Luxform® Pillar Light Calais
Luxform Lighting's Calais pillar light will give off an ambient glow along paths and in the darker corners of the garden. Great for marking the driveway and garden paths, as well as on the patio/decking. This deluxe garden light comes with an on/off switch and a light sensor. This will automatically turn the lamp on at dusk, and off at dawn. This garden light comes each with its own spike for easy positioning in the garden.
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£ 47.99

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  • Details
    • Colour: Silvery grey
    • Made in Glass and Stainless Steel
    • No. of lights: 1
    • Bulbs: Power LED
    • Fitting: 50
    • No.: 3x softtone SMD-LEDs
    • Lumens: 2.5 on standby - 50 activated
    • Light colour: Warm White
    • Battery: 1x Li-ion 18650 2000 mAh 3.7VV
    • Burn time: 4 hour per solar charge
    • Dim.: 180x630
    • Details: High Lumen, Solar Powered
    • Comes with an on/off + PIR sensor
    Does solar powered garden lighting work in the winter too?

    Sure! Solar powered garden lighting still works in the winter, although perhaps not as brightly as in the summer. In the winter, when the days are shorter, your garden light's solar cell will perhaps not get quite enough sun on it to charge the battery fully. This will mean that the length of time your light is on will not be as long, but still long enough for you to enjoy the light in your garden, or on your patio or decking.
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