Lechuza® Nido Cottage brown

Lechuza® Nido Cottage  brown

Hanging basket with unique watering system!

 The Lechuza® Nido Cottage is a really unique kind of hanging basket and its lovely basketwork structure makes it a real eye-catcher on your patio or decking. Watering these baskets is a piece of cake - just keep an eye on the water gauge. The self-watering Lechuza® Nido Cottage hanging basket is made in a good quality plastic. It has many advantages, it’s lightweight, unbreakable, and weather and UV resistant. The hanger is made of stainless steel which does not rust - a really strong set up! Pot diameter: 27 cm.
The pots have a unique system installed for watering your plants easily and reliably. They come with handy internal pots that make planting even easier too.
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  • The LECHUZA soil watering system:
    This unique watering system works with ordinary potting compost. It does most of the work for you – taking care of your plants is easy! Enjoying time away or just don't have time to water - LECHUZA will do it for you. All you need to do is fill the reservoir regularly. The plants will then have sufficient water and nutrients for optimum growth. The nutrients are slowly released through the granulate drainage material. As long as the reservoir is filled, your plants can basically just take care of themselves. The integrated water gauge will indicate when the reservoir needs filling up again. 
    Planting instructions:
      1. Place the LECHUZA soil watering system (base divider, filling tube and water gauge) in the pot and layer the LECHUZA-PON granulate drainage material on top of the divider at about half an inch thick. 
      2. Add potting compost and plant the plants of your choice at the correct depth, and then fill up. Press firmly down.
      3. For the first three following months, water the plant(s) on the soil. When you water also fill up the reservoir too. After that the plants' roots will have developed enough that they can reach the reservoir. All you then need to do is fill the reservoir. Only refill when the gauge points to minus.

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