Ladybird box

Ladybird box

Helpful guests in your garden

Every garden needs a nesting box. This basic nesting box, made from the purest materials, provides a fine place to build a nest for ladybirds and helps keep insect populations where they belong or encourage them to return to an area. The four horizontal openings on the sides make it easy for ladybirds to enter and provide them with protection and a roof over their heads. It also keeps their competition and predators out. In addition to being a joy to watch, ladybirds are also very helpful guests in your garden. A full-grown ladybird eats up to 100 aphids per day. Ladybirds often spend winters in groups. In order to make the ladybirds especially comfortable, it is recommended that you add some loose leaves or a roll of corrugated cardboard to the house. Due to the flat, closed back with hanging mount, this nesting box can be hung onto a wall.
  • Keyhole opening
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