Icelandic artificial Christmas tree white

Icelandic artificial Christmas tree

For a magical Christmas!

This Icelandic Christmas tree with white branches is the perfect way to get your magical white Christmas started! The needles are finished in white mother of pearl which, when combined with decorative lighting, creates an iridescent effect.
Are you looking for a festive, white tree? Add some colourful lights then. Prefer a more wintry look? Decorate the tree with white lights. This white tree is extremely versatile.
The tree comes in a sturdy metal base with four legs for excellent balance. This tree stays beautiful and easy to set up year in and year out, so that you can enjoy a stress-free Christmas! 
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  • A special technique is used for this tree, which securely attaches the needles to the branches. Long strips of PVC are cut into thin bands and wrapped around the branch. This creates a branch with flat needles. The branch and needles form a sturdy whole.
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