Hozelock® Flexi Spray

Hozelock® Flexi Spray
Hozelock's completely new Flexi Spray is a really surprising item with exceptional and various uses. The greatest advantage of Flexi Spray is, you guessed it, the flexible part of the hose that can be bent all ways. Together with the multifunctional spray head, watering those plants with the Flexi Spray becomes easy-peasy. Even watering hanging baskets becomes a piece of cake.
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  • What's special about the Flexi Spray?:
    • The extension part: stretching the Flexi Spray to its furthest will reach up to 60 cm further, perfect for reaching hanging baskets.
    • Spray pistol: add the pistol head with spray, jet, and fast fill functions and Flexi Spray can just be used like any other hose.
    • Water things 'hands free'... just attach the Flexi Spray around a fence post, a tree or other suitable item and water specific areas or plants as and when you like.
    • Sprayer: wrap the Flexi Spray into a ring shape, lay it on the ground and you will have transformed it into a sprayer that reaches up to 69 m2.
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