Gardena® Standard Pruning Shears

Gardena® Standard Pruning Shears

Lops branches up to 20 mm thick!

The GARDENA Classic pruning shears have an extra narrow, curved head to allow you to accurately prune vines and twigs. The top blade on these shears is coated non-slip and the lower blade is in stainless steel. The ergonomically formed grip makes these shears very comfortable to use. The shears have two settings, one for a power cut and one for a speed cut. These Comfort Pruning Shears can handle branches up to a max. 20 mm thick.
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  • Details
  • Safe storage: With the single-hand safety lock, the secateurs can be locked easily with one hand and stored safely.
    25 Year Guarantee: Pruning shears are bought for life and a 25 year warranty guarantees highest quality.
    Power and quick pruning: The comfortable handles with soft components and 2 settings (power, and quick snipping) sit ergonomically perfect in the hand.
    Precision pruning of vines and twigs: The extra narrow cutting head and the precision sharpened pruning blades with non-stick coating helps make the Classic Pruning Shears very precise.
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