Gardena® Robotic mower R70Li

Gardena® Robotic mower R70Li
The innovative GARDENA® robotic R70Li mower will mown the lawn with no interference from you at all. This GARDENA robotic mower will tackle lawns up to 700 m2. The robotic mower stays within parameters laid out by bordering cable. The razor sharp blades on the robotic mower cut the grass into tiny pieces so no need to rake it up - it acts as natural fertiliser for your lawn. Set the robotic mower to operate at various days and times using the large display. This noiseless GARDENA robotic mower will drive itself to its docking station when it needs charged. The robotic mower comes complete with:
  • Docking station
  • electric cabling
  • 200 metres bordering cable
  • 400 cable pins
  • 3 reserve blades
  • Couplers and connecting grips
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  • You have more time off!: The GARDENA robotic mower will mow your lawn independently and will charge itself via the docking station. You get more free time and a beautifully maintained lawn.
    Practically noiseless, no exhaust and energy-saving: The R70Li robotic mower is much quieter than your normal electric, battery or petrol driven mowers. Energy use is only 12 Kw hours/month over a 700 m2 lawn.
    Suitable for the more complex shaped areas too: This GARDENA robotic mower is ideal for mid-sized lawns. The large capacity means it is also perfectly useable for complex shapes lawns. The blades are protected and kept clean by a rotating dish which also helps reduce the amount of energy used.
    Will cut the lawn even when it’s raining: There are no ‘bad’ summers with the GARDENA robotic. mower. Has been developed to work at any time of day, accurately and without supervision, independent of weather conditions.
    Anti-theft protection: use the anti-theft function – alarm and PIN – for reliable anti-theft protection.
    Technical specifications:
    • Work area capacity: 700 m² +/-20%
    • Charging: Automatic
    • Maximum gradient within working area: 25 %
    • LCD display with settings menu
    • Integrated timer
    • Battery type: Lithium-Ion 18 V / 1.6 Ah
    • Charging time: 70 mins
    • Mowing time on one charge: 60 mins
    • Energy usage: 20 W
    • Mow height, min-max: 20-50 mm
    • Mow width: 17 cm
    • Noise levels: Measured: 58 dB(A), guaranteed: 58 dB(A)
    • Sensors: Lift sensor, bump sensor
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