Gardena® Combi-System Sweeper

Gardena® Combi-System Sweeper
This GARDENA sweeping brush is ideal for use in the home or in the garden. It has a 45 cm wide head and the top quality plastic made means that this brush can be used for all kinds of jobs. The top quality hard and soft polypropylene bristles allow this brush to give the very best results. This GARDENA sweeping brush goes perfectly with all GARDENA combi-system poles of 130-150 cm in length depending on the user's height. There's a 25 Year Guarantee on this item.
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  • Welll fastened connectors: This Combi-System item can just be attached to the pole via a tightly wound thread. Very reliable technology that rules out loose connections. Ensures that you can work reliably and comfortably.
    Fits all poles: All GARDENA combi-system gardening tools fit all GARDENA combi-system poles whether the pole is wooden or aluminium or is designed to save your back.
    Protects your furniture: The rounded edges prevent the sweeping brush from damaging your furniture at all.
    Sturdy: This GARDENA combi-system sweeping brush head has top quality, supple bristles in a mix of polypropylene and horse-hair and, for best stability and to make it long lasting, is made in the best quality plastic.
    25 year guarantee: A 25 Year Guarantee ensures top quality.
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