Gardena® Classic Spreader

Gardena® Classic Spreader

With 25 year GARDENA guarantee.

The GARDENA Classic Spreader 300 is made of high quality plastic with a spreading width of 45 cm and a capacity of 10 Litres - the best helping hand you could have for precision dosage of seed and fertiliser for the garden. The spreader can be filled with various materials such as spreading fertiliser, seed, lime, sand, granules or salt - so can be used virtually all year round. Use the dosage table for optimum amounts of fertiliser and you will always be sure of spreading the correct amount. The innovative and very flexible spreading cylinder ensures an even spread. The freewheeling function of the wheels is practical and ensures that nothing is spread if the spreader is stationary, pulled backwards, being turned. The regulator is easy to use and is located on the spreader container. The T-shaped push handle can be used one handed if necessary. This spreader is crack resistant and can be rinsed off with water from the garden hose.
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  • Always correct dosage: Through the special Stop-System, the wheels have a freewheeling function in backward movements. Spreading will only occur on forward movement thereby preventing double dosing.
    Precision dosage of fertiliser, straw or seed: Use the dosage table for each type of spread for accuracy. Dosage will always then be correct throughout your spread. The flexible cylinder means that various dry goods are spread evenly despite varying sizes.
    Corrosion-proof and waterproof: Made in a weather resistant and corrosion resistant material, this spreader is easily cleaned with water.
    Best grip possible on most surfaces: The high quality plastic wheels have tractor treads giving the best grip wherever the spreader is used. The wheels are corrosion resistant and won't break.
    Practical: The spreader can be stored standing or hung up.
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