Elho® Flower Bridge cream

Elho® Flower Bridge cream

To create a lovely, colourful balcony!

The unbelievably popular Flower Bridge® is the absolute star in the Pure® collection. Retains an optimised stability thanks to the easily mounted (one click!) bracket that comes with it. This eye-catcher fits every kind of balcony railing up to 6 cm wide. Comes with a 5 year guarantee.
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  • These top quality plastic pots from Pure® have loads of advantages:
    • Nice and light - therefore easy to move - now that's handy at spring cleaning time, indoors or out.
    • 100% non-permeable - in comparison with a terracotta/clay pot, there is much less evaporation so the soil will not dry out so quickly. Disease and germs have no chance to grow and another good thing about a pot that never leaks is that you will not get water rings on your floor, table or windowsill.
    • Pure® pots are frost resistant down to an amazing -20° C! Really very little chance of the pot cracking through frost so they can continue to look terrific on your patio in the winter.
    • This is strong plastic and these Pure® pots can take quite a beating! Good to know when you have (grand)children and/or pets around.
    • Pure® pots are UV resistant too so they are colourfast. They will not fade in the light of the summer sun.
    • The non-permeable and smooth surface makes these pots easy to keep clean. Moulds and algae doesn't stand a chance - if the Pure® pot is dirty, simply wipe with a damp cloth or brush off!
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