Duo pear tree: ‘Conference‘ + ‘Bonne Louise‘ - Tree

Pyrus communis ‘Confe­rence’ + ‘Bonne Louise’
Duo pear tree: ‘Conference‘ + ‘Bonne Louise‘

Two types of pear on one tree

Two types of pear on one tree? That's something we'll never tire of. The duo pear tree in a nursery pot consists of the ‘Conference‘ and ‘Bonne Louise‘. The ‘Conference‘ is a tasty, sweet pear while the ‘Bonne Louise‘ has a gently tart flavour and soft flesh, making it a unique duo. We plant the self-pollinating pear tree out in the garden. Alternatively, it can be planted in a large pot on a patio, roof terrace or balcony. The fruit tree blossoms in spring. That's when it reveals its lovely white flowers. A crop will be ready to harvest from autumn onwards in the second year after planting. We prune the pear tree between November and March. The pear tree grows in loose, fertile soil that we keep nice and moist. It's best to give the tree extra water during dry spells. Sufficient light is needed to ensure good growth, which is why we plant the fruit tree in full or half sun.
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Flowering Period

Planting and flowering details
Harvesting Details
  • Planting
  • Dig a spacious planting hole for your Pyrus communis 'Conérence' and 'Bonne Louise' dual pear tree and loosen the soil thoroughly with a fork. Plant your dual pear tree at the correct depth - the top of the root ball should come to just below soil level. Fill the hole with soil and heel well in. Water immediately after planting. This dual pear tree will thrive in a sunny spot in loose, fertile soil.
    Dual pear tree (Pyrus communis) 'Conférence' and 'Bonne Louise' will also thrive in a large container on the patio or decking. The little tree grows nice and compact so doesn't take up much room but does grow pears as large as you'd expect from a normal sized pear tree. Give your dual pear tree a nice sheltered, sunny spot. Try and create a mini-orchard - group containers with this dual pear tree, a columnar apple tree, and (dwarf) peach and apricot with a patio cherry all together on your patio of decking.
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  • Extra information
  • Latin name Pyrus communis ‘Confe­rence’ + ‘Bonne Louise’
    Delivery type Supplied as container plant
    Guarantee 5 years guarantee
    Color White, Green
    Light preference full sun ,  partial sun
    Scented not scented
    Flowers for cutting no
    Flowering period March - April
    Harvesting period September - November
    Growing height150 - 200 cm
    Planting distance200 - 400 cm
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