Double-Flowered Gerbera TiSento® red - Plant

Gerbera jamesonii TiSento®
Double-Flowered Gerbera TiSento® red

What a terrific houseplant!

The lovely bright and cheerful shades of Gerbera by TiSento® are so appealing! Give these striking flowers a prominent spot in your home. They will look beautiful anywhere, on the coffee table, sideboard or windowsill. Consider ordering several to get a lovely, colourful effect. Place a few together in a large planter - fab! Order this star product now and you could soon be enjoying these fabulous house plants.
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  • Planting
  • Gerberas look great in the border or potted up in pots and planters on the patio or decking. Use normal potting compost and choose a nice sunny spot - part shade will suffice. Loosen the soil thoroughly with a fork and improve poor garden soil with some fresh potting compost. Dig a hole and plant them at the right depth - the hole can then be filled with more soil. Heel (or press, in the pot) well in and water immediately.
    This plant likes a moisture retaining soil that drains well. The plants should be spaced around 30-40 cm apart in the garden but in pots they can be planted closer together. Don't allow these plants to dry out.
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  • Care
  • Water your gerberas regularly, adding Bakker’s fertiliser for flowering plants. You can remove any foliage that turns brown. When the flowers are past their best deadhead them to encourage new buds to form. If any leaves turn yellow during the growing season, the plant needs feeding so it really is best to feed this plant monthly with the fertiliser suggested above.
    Gerbera in winter
    Although these plants can handle the odd night frost, it is advisable to bring the plants indoors. Just dig them up, plant in a pot and store frost-free in the shed. A thick mulch of leaf litter over the plants can also prevent the frost from penetrating into the soil and freezing the plant.
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  • Specifics
  • This garden gerbera is an abundantly flowering plant and is hardier than the common variety. An explosion of colour in the border or a flower pot on the patio. The fact that it displays so many flowers, compensates for their smaller flower size. Gerbera is a lovely asset to any garden!
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  • Extra information
  • Latin name Gerbera jamesonii TiSento®
    Brand TiSento®
    Delivery type Supplied as container plant
    Guarantee 100% growth and flowering guarantee
    Color Red
    Light preference partial sun
    Scented not scented
    Flowers for cutting no
    Growing height30 - 40 cm
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