Desert Rose - Plant

Adenium obesum 
Desert Rose

A very striking Adenium looks just perfect anywhere!

The desert rose (Adenium obesum) is also known as impala lily. The Impala Lily has an unusual, fanciful shape and produces beautiful flowers. These flowers can grow to up to 5 cm across. The desert rose often flowers twice a year and really deserves a spot in full sunshine. This will encourage extra profuse flowering. Order this lovely desert rose!
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  • Planting
  • The desert rose makes a lovely houseplant. It will be delivered in a nursery pot. If you need to repot it, it is best to use a potting mixture for this plant by mixing regular potting compost with sharp sand or fine gravel. Choose a pot with holes in the base and cover the bottom with a layer of gravel or hydro granules. Put some compost in the pot and plant the desert rose at the correct depth. Fill with compost, press firmly and water immediately after planting. Place the pot in a sunny area.
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  • Care
  • Water Adenium obesum moderately, using less in partial shaded positions and very little during winter. They do not like to stand in excess water. Feed with a house plant fertiliser once every two weeks along with the irrigation water during the flowering period. Do not feed in the winter. The desert rose can tolerate both drought and heat. Put the plant in a sunny spot on the windowsill. In winter it may lose its leaves. During this time keep the plant even drier and place the pot in a cool place (10-12° C). In early spring as the weather gets warmer start to increase the amount of water given.
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  • Specifics
  • The desert rose comes from the dry areas of East Africa and is also called the Impala Lily. Its thick trunk is succulent and stores moisture. This desert plant is drought tolerant. This wonderful house plant often blooms twice a year. Watch out for its poisonous white sap as it can irritate the skin. In summer, the Desert Rose can be placed outside on the patio or decking.
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  • Extra information
  • Latin name Adenium obesum 
    Delivery type Supplied as container plant
    Guarantee 100% Growth and Flowering guarantee
    Color Pink, Red
    Light preference full sun ,  partial sun
    Scented not scented
    Flowers for cutting no
    Growing height30 - 45 cm
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