Corn Lilies Mixed - Tuber

Ixia sp 
Corn Lilies Mixed
Ixia is a remarkable summer flowering bulb with very beautiful star-shaped flowers. This mix will cheer up your borders and patio pots with their lovely colours. Every day the flowers grow a little larger bringing them closer together. They have a delicious fragrance and will certainly attract butterflies! Quite cute looking flowers in a vase! Corn lily (Ixia) is sensitive to frost, but is definitely worth it!
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Flowering Period

Planting and flowering details
  • Planting
  • In spring the corn lily (Ixia) bulbs can be planted approximately 7 cm deep. First you should thoroughly loosen the soil and scatter a layer of sharp sand in the bottom of the plant hole. In this way, rain water is able to drain away under the bulbs. Place the Ixia corms approximately 7 centimetres apart. After planting, water well. Ixias prefer a rich, water-permeable soil. Improve poor garden soil by mixing in fertiliser. In winter, you should apply some lime on the soil. This Ixia likes to grow in a warm sunny spot.
    Combining corn lilies
    The corn lilies (Ixia) from our range are particularly beautiful varieties very sought after for their shape and colours. Plant a group near to Cosmos 'Flamingo' or dahlias. Combined with herbs and ornamental grasses, e.g. Japanese bloodgrass (Imperata cylindrica 'Red Baron'), you can create a very natural effect. This Ixia is also highly suitable for flowerpots and containers.
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  • Care
  • We recommend regularly adding a special fertiliser for flowering bulbs as soon as the flower buds of the Ixias make an appearance. At the end of the flowering period remove all faded flower stems. Leave the foliage as the leaves take in sunlight which strengths the bulb ready for the next season.
    Keeping corn lily through the winter
    It is very easy to overwinter corn lily (Ixia) bulbs. Carefully dig up the small bulbs after the first night frost. Cut off all foliage 10 cm above the tuber and allow them to dry. Shake the soil from the tubers and place them in a box with peat dust or sharp sand. Store the box in a frost-free room. The following spring, replant the small tubers and the Ixia will reward you with its magnificent flowers.
    It is possible to overwinter them in the garden, but there is no 100% guarantee that they will flower again the next year. If you do, a tip is to plant them a little deeper in a sufficiently permeable soil and cover with a thick layer of leaves. Late March the layer of leaves can be removed.
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  • Specifics
  • Corn lily (Ixia) originate from the cooler parts of South Africa. They can reach a height of 35 cm and are distinguished by delightful spikes with flowers of approximately Ø 5 cm. It sometimes happens that the flower stem branches off, which is a strange sight for this type of flower, but it adds a lot of charm to them.
    Ixia is classified under the iris family (Iridaceae).

    These small flowering bulbs look quite graceful in a vase and last for a long time. So be sure to plant a group in your cut flower garden. Choose the right time for picking – preferably early in the morning – just when the lower flowers start to show colour. Immediately place the stems in a vase of warm water with a little cut flower nutrition added.
    Extra tip: plant an extra group of Ixias two weeks later. This will extend the flowering time in your cut flowers garden.
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  • Extra information
  • Latin name Ixia sp 
    Delivery type Supplied as bulb or tuber
    Guarantee 100% growth and flowering guarantee
    Color Mixed Colours
    Light preference full sun ,  partial sun
    Scented deliciously scented
    Flowers for cutting yes
    Flowering period June - July
    Growing height35 - 40 cm
    Circumference bulb5 cm
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