Bridgewater® Candle 'Bouquet of Roses'

Bridgewater® Candle 'Bouquet of Roses'

Each candle sold allows an orphan to be fed for a day!

This deliciously fragrant ‘Bridgewater’ candle comes in a lovely, decorative glass jar. When you smell the ‘Bouquet of Roses’ you will imagine you are in a rose garden with the morning dew still on the leaves.

The fragrance of this jolly candle is subtle and relaxing. Your home will be filled with a pleasant fragrance immediately upon opening the box containing the candle. And, once the candle is all burned away, the glass jar with its attractive black lid makes a decorative ornament – years of enjoyment long after this long lasting candle has gone! This candle will burn for an amazing 65 to 85 hours.

Important: by purchasing this candle you will also be supporting a charity scheme! Every candle sold means that one child will be fed for one day.

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  • Project Light a Candle • Feed a Child™

    Bridgewater will donate a portion of the profits on each of these scented candles sold, to the project ‘Light a Candle * Feed a Child’. This project is concerned with feeding orphans across the whole world.

    There are almost 144 million orphaned children in the world and every 2 seconds one of those orphans dies from hunger. Bridgewater Candle Company is trying to help change the lives of these orphans, together with Rice Bowls™, a non-profit organisation with the mission to feed all the orphans all over the world.

    How can you help?
    Bottom line… easily: 1 scented candle = 1 day’s food for 1 orphan. So, for every candle you buy, Bridgewater will donate enough money to feed 1 orphan sufficiently for 1 day.

    The result:
    Since the project started in June 2010, Bridgewater has managed to feed orphans with 758,125 days’ worth of food. This is 2,274,325 full meals. The meals are donated to orphans all over the world.

    • Burning time of scented candle - 65-85 hours*
    • Made from natural soya for a long, clean burn.
    • Cut the tip of the wick before lighting (again), this helps to prevent it smoking.
    • Made in America.  
    • Weight: 250 g.

    *The fact that a candle is snuffed rather than blown reduces the chance of the wax melting or burning up as quickly and will therefore last longer.
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