Blood Lily - Bulb

Scadoxus multiflorus ssp. multiflorus 
Blood Lily
Spectacular houseplant from the African Savanna and India with a striking inflorescence and a diameter of approx. 20 cm. Will bloom this summer!
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Flowering Period

Planting and flowering details
  • Planting
  • Plant the Powder Puff (Scadoxus multiflorus subsp. multiflorus) in a large planter. Layer the bottom with pot shards on top of clay pellets. Use potting compost mixed with some sand, fill the pot, plant the bulb and cover with more compost. Allow the top half of the bulb to show above ground. Water immediately and stand in a sunny window (but protected from direct sunlight).
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  • Care
  • Water immediately with Bakker's flowering plant fertiliser. Fertilise monthly until July. Water regularly, but only when the potting compost feels dry to the touch. Your effort will be rewarded when summer arrives: a new shoot will grow from the stem that will eventually turn into the flower stalk. This indoor bulb can stand outdoors too, as long as it is in a nice warm spot.
    Storing your Powder Puff over the winter
    After flowering the plant will need to rest. You will notice that the leaves start to turn yellow – now is the time to stop watering. All the leaves will dry out but leave the plant for at least another month in the warm living room – then it can go in a cool, frost-free area. This bulb can remain in the same pot for years, just refresh the top soil. When the temperatures begin to rise again in spring, the plant should start to shoot again. Immediately start watering, adding Bakkers flower fertiliser for plants and move the plant into a warm spot indoors. Fertilise monthly until July and with luck you will have a new flower stalk again.
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  • Specifics
  • A member of the Amaryllis (Amaryllidaceae) family, the Scadoxus (Powder Puff Lily) is truly lovely to behold. Scadoxus multiflorus subsp. multiflorus, belongs to the Amaryllis family (Amaryllidaceae). Scadoxus means 'hidden beauty' or 'beauty', multiflorus, means ‘many flowers’. These descriptions say it all!
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  • Extra information
  • Latin name Scadoxus multiflorus ssp. multiflorus 
    Delivery type Supplied as bulb or tuber
    Guarantee 100% Growth and Flowering guarantee
    Color Red
    Light preference full sun ,  partial sun
    Scented not scented
    Flowers for cutting no
    Flowering period July - August
    Growing height30 - 40 cm
    Circumference bulb16 cm
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