® Best for Birds Feeder + Peanut Butter

® Best for Birds Feeder + Peanut Butter
The latest trend among bird feeders – peanut butter especially for your garden birds! The birds just love it and this little feeder holds the jar safe and sound, allowing the birds to access it easily. The peanut butter has been specially developed for birds and contains those essentials ingredients which your garden birds need to get through the cold winter months.

The special peanut butter is very rich in calories, nutritious and healthy for the birds. Do not feed the birds with peanut butter that is intended for human consumption as this contains too much salt which can be harmful to the birds. Hang this feeder where you can see it and you are guaranteed to have hours of fun watching the birds!

Dim. bird feeder: 15 x 13 x 19.5 cm (l x b x h).
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