Bakker® Strawberry Fertiliser

Bakker® Strawberry Fertiliser
Organic fertiliser with a balanced composition (NPK 6-5-8) for growing masses of delicious strawberries. The high potassium content ensures large, juicy fruits. 1.5 kg is sufficient for 10-15 M².
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  • Compound fertiliser NPK 6-5-8
    6 % organic nitrogen (N) from blood meal, feather meal, cacao shells and
    vinasses. 5 % total phosphorus pent oxide (P2O5)
    8% potassium oxide (K2O) soluble in water
    50 % organic matter from blood meal, feather meal and cacao shells
    Contains only prime materials according to the EC-regulation 834/2007
    and 889/2008. Low in chlorine Organic fertilisers contain animal
    proteins, farmed animals must not be allowed to the land for at least 21
    days following application to land.
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