AquaForWeeks Planter incl Internal Pot

AquaForWeeks Planter incl Internal Pot

AquaForWeeks: with a unique watering system!

Taking care of your houseplants was never as easy as this! If you are often away from home, on holiday or just plain forget to water your plants, AquaForWeeks is the perfect solution. How? Well, handy AquaForWeeks planters have an integrated reservoir that holds 700 ml that connects to you houseplant via a cotton wick that slowly waters your plant(s). This ingenious AquaForWeeks watering system ensures that a plant is never given too much nor too little to drink and will keep it in perfect condition. Easy! Plant up your own houseplant in this unique AquaForWeeks planter with its unique watering system!
You will receive an external planter plus an internal pot that is suitable for plants in a (nursery) pot of 12/13 cm in diameter.
Choose your favourite colour of planter below, and we will deliver the whole system to your home.
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