Air so Pure® Microsorum diversifolium - Plant

Microsorum diversifolium 
Air so Pure® Microsorum diversifolium

An unusual, tropical fern for indoors!

The glossy foliage on the Australian Kangaroo Fern (Microsorum diversifolium) is just lovely. This decorative fern spreads horizontally via above ground rhizomes and can therefore grow over branches and stones it comes across. Makes it look really interesting. Give this fern a nice light spot in your home, out of full sun.
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  • Planting
  • Kangaroo Fern (Microsorum diversifolium) is supplied in a standard breeders pot. If you pot it up, use humus rich potting compost. Or, just stand the pot as it is inside a pretty planter, or even just on a saucer - very practical really as drain-off can remain temporarily in the saucer. Only water again when the drain-off is absorbed or evaporated. This saucer (or in the base of the planter) should be dried up before you water again but do keep the potting compost moist.
    Stand your Microsorum diversifolium in a warm spot out of direct sunlight - preferably never under 10° C . In the living room, the best temperature is around 22-25° C but it can handle things well if it gets cooler. In a cooler spot it will require less watering.
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  • Care
  • Tropical Kangaroo Fern (Microsorum diversifolium) is a genuine rainforest plant that doesn't like full sunlight! Likes to be kept nice and humid but will be alright if the air is dryer too. Do not however, allow the potting compost to dry out and water at least weekly, onto the potting compost (so not the plant).
    This fern grows best when it’s fed every 3 weeks with house plant food for leafy plants.
    During the winter it will appreciate being kept dry and only start feeding and watering again in spring.
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  • Specifics
  • Kangaroo Fern (Microsorum diversifolium) is a rainforest plant from the temperate climes of Australia such as Tasmania, and of New Zealand. These ferns spread via horizontally growing rhizomes - above ground root systems. These plants can be found there growing wild on trees and rocks in humid conditions. They are epiphytic.
    Microsorum diversifolium is classified under Polypodiaceae.
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  • Extra information
  • Latin name Microsorum diversifolium 
    Brand Air so Pure®
    Delivery type Supplied as container plant
    Guarantee 100% Growth and Flowering guarantee
    Color Green
    Light preference partial sun ,  full shade
    Scented not scented
    Flowers for cutting no
    Growing height30 - 40 cm
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