3x Red Stonecrop ‘Schorbuser Blut’ - Plant

Sedum spurium ‘Schorbuser Blut’
3x Red Stonecrop ‘Schorbuser Blut’

These plants grow stronger each year.

Red Stonecrop (Sedum Spurium 'Schorbuser Blut') is a very attractive and strong border plant that feels at home in any type of soil. The thick, fleshy but hardy foliage soon forms a dense clump. The star-shaped dark-pink flowers stand out from the beautiful dark green, often slightly red tinted leaves. Very quickly spreads forming a sensational fiery red carpet of flowers - so pretty to see!
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Flowering Period

Planting and flowering details
  • Planting
  • Red Stonecrop grows well in the ground and feels at home in any type of soil. Prepare a suitable hole and plant the Red Stonecrop at the appropriate depth in the hole. The top of the root ball should be just slightly below ground level. Fill the hole with soil and press firmly. Water immediately after planting. Heavy garden soil can be improved by mixing in some sharp sand. Red Stonecrop blossoms and grows well in complete or partial sunshine and even in the shade.
    Red Stonecrop is a ground cover plant
    The strong, evergreen Red Stonecrop is one of the strongest ground cover plants. The stems lay on the ground while also covering it. You can combine the Red Stonecrop with large groups of plants, for example, along a garden path or border. You can also plant it between bushes such as Ceanothus Pallidus 'Marie Simon'. It also looks at home nice in the rock garden or in a flower pot.
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  • Care
  • Red Stonecrop is a strong garden plant that requires minimal maintenance. Water it during very dry and warm periods. Between October and March large clumps can be divided and replanted. This ground cover plant is hardy.
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  • Specifics
  • Red Stonecrop is a succulent plant since its leaves can retain high levels of moisture, which means that it fights very well against drought.
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  • Extra information
  • Latin name Sedum spurium ‘Schorbuser Blut’
    Delivery type Supplied as container plant
    Guarantee 5 years guarantee
    Color Red
    Light preference full sun ,  partial sun
    Scented not scented
    Flowers for cutting no
    Flowering period June - August
    Growing height5 - 10 cm
    Planting distance20 - 30 cm
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