3x Blueberries: 'Bluejay' + 'Goldtraube' + 'Jersey' - Fruit shrub - Shrub

Vaccinium corybosum 'Bluejay' + 'Goldtraube' + 'Jersey'
3x Blueberries: 'Bluejay' + 'Goldtraube' + 'Jersey' - Fruit shrub

Extra lange Freude

Extra lange Freude mit Blaubeeren? Die erhalten wir mit diesen 3 Sorten in Anzuchttöpfen, mit denen wir den ganzen Sommer über frische Blaubeeren pflücken können. Dieser Mix enthält: 1x frühreife ‚Blue Jay‘, 1x mittel reifende ‚Goldtraube‘ und 1x spät reifende ‚Jersey‘. Wir pflanzen die Blaubeeren in den Garten. Oder in Töpfen auf der (Dach-)Terrasse oder dem Balkon. Die Obststräucher in Blumentöpfen sind frostempfindlicher. Dann wickeln wir die Töpfe mit Luftpolsterfolie ein. Die Obststräucher blühen im Frühjahr. Mit weiß-rosa Blüten. Im zweiten Jahr nach dem Pflanzen können wir ab dem Sommer mit der Ernte beginnen. Die Blaubeere mag einen sauren und feuchten Boden. In trockenen Zeiträumen gießen wir mehr. Für ein gutes Wachstum ist ausreichend Licht erforderlich. Wir pflanzen die Blaubeeren daher in die (halb-)volle Sonne.
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Flowering Period

Planting and flowering details
Harvesting Details
  • Planting
  • Prepare a large hole for Vaccinium corymbosum and loosen the soil with a fork. Blueberries prefer an acidic soil, improve yours with peat and mulch from a pine woodland if possible. Make sure that the blueberry root ball is moistened well – place it in a bucket of luke warm water for a while. Plant the root ball at the correct depth in the hole – the top of the root ball should be just below ground level. Refill the hole with soil and press firmly down. Water immediately after planting. Planting distance is 1.5 m apart. A spot in the sun or partial shade is best for your blueberry. Shade is acceptable and does no harm. Fairly damp soil is ok.
    Blueberries in a large planter
    Did you know that a blueberry bush will also thrive in a large planter on your patio or decking? A blueberry bush in a planter will remain somewhat more compact so of course it's perfectly suitable for on the patio/decking. And you can always prune it too.
    Do choose a nice sturdy planter. Layer the base with potsherds or even a couple of bricks for weight then fill about 2/3 with potting compost with some added sand and normal garden soil. Remove the blueberry bush from its nursery pot and plant it with the roots spread out a little. Fill up with more of the same potting compost. Press well in. Leave a good 4 cm space from top of soil to the edge of the pot, for watering. Water generously then stand your large planter with blueberry bush in a nice sunny spot.
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  • Care
  • Giant blueberry shrubs should be fertilised in the spring with a calcium rich fertiliser (potash) and mulched with garden compost. Shade does no harm. Water well in periods of drought. Berries can be picked when they are a nice blue colour and begin to feel soft. Pinkish white flowers appear in April-May followed by berries in July-August. First berries are ripe in June and the last are ripe in August. Great for eating fresh, but they are also suitable for making jam. Freezing works well too. Blueberry bushes require little pruning. Keep around six to eight stems per bush. Regularly remove the oldest stems to encourage new growth.
    Blueberries in the winter
    Blueberry bushes are perfectly hardy and can basically manage through the winter without extra protection. However, potted bushes are of course more sensitive to frost so we advise standing the pot in a sheltered spot over the winter. An unheated shed for a short while would be ok too.
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  • Specifics
  • The Blueberry is an easily cultivated fruit shrub that can reach two metres high and blossoms with attractive pale pink flowers in the spring. In autumn you can enjoy the bright flaming colours. The huge berries of the Vaccinium corymbosum 'Jersey' are firm, sweet and fragrant. Those of the Vaccinium corymbosum 'Goldtraube' are slightly darker with a great flavour. The Vaccinium corymbosum 'Bluejay' are medium sized berries and are also very flavoursome. You can make the most amazing home made jam with these giant blueberries. Blueberries are very healthy and are full of vitamin C.Vaccinium belong to the Ericaceae family (heather like plants).
    The family name Vaccinium has two meanings: 1) it's the old name for Blueberry. 2) from 'vacca' (L. = cow) and baccinium/bacca (L. = berries); so 'cow berries', a type of berry much enjoyed by cows. The variety notation corymbosum means bouquet or bunch, referring to the cluster of flowers when in bloom. This is why these shrubs are also known as cluster blueberries.
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  • Extra information
  • Latin name Vaccinium corybosum 'Bluejay' + 'Goldtraube' + 'Jersey'
    Delivery type Supplied as container plant
    Guarantee 5 years guarantee
    Color Green, Blue
    Light preference full sun ,  partial sun
    Flowering period May - June
    Harvesting period July - September
    Growing height150 - 200 cm
    Planting distance100 - 150 cm
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