15x Lilies of the Valley "Majalis", White - Bare-rooted - Plant

Convallaria majalis 
15x Lilies of the Valley "Majalis", White - Bare-rooted

A sweet fragrance. Fresh from the garden.

Flowers with a sweet fragrance. Who could resist? The "Majalis" lilies of the valley give off a wonderfully sweet smell. After they finish flowering, red berries appear that remain into the summer. The flowers form clusters along the stems.
You will receive the lilies of the valley as bare-root stock in sugar cane sacking. This is more environmentally friendly than plastic nursery pots. The roots are shipped fresh from the ground. They are already one year old. This gives them additional strength, enabling them to grow faster than they would in a nursery pot. Plants grown from bare-root stock also adapt to their new environment more easily. They flower better and they are more economical. Bare-root stock plants grow when it becomes warmer. They are winter-hardy perennials. They can be planted at any time as long as the ground is not frozen. 
The plant will grow and flower in a location with full or half shade. It is perfect for an empty spot beneath a shrub. The plant can handle a fair amount of sun, provided the soil is kept moist.
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Flowering Period

Planting and flowering details
  • Planting
  • The Lily of the Valley grows well in the ground. Prepare a suitable hole in good loose soil and plant the root ball of Lily of the Valley at the right depth. The top of the root ball should be just slightly below ground level. Fill the hole with soil and press firmly. Water immediately after planting. The Lily of the Valley grows well in partial sunlight and shade.
    Lily of the Valley makes an excellent combination plant
    This strong plant rapidly forms a carpet of fresh green leaves. Use the Lily of the Valley as a ground cover among other shrubs such as the lilac and camellia. You can also make a striking combination with Dicentra Spectabilis and Melissophyllum Mellitus 'Royal Velvet Distinction'.
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  • Care
  • The Lily of the Valley is a strong ground cover that requires minimal maintenance. Provide it with extra water only during very dry periods. The plant spreads itself out and covers the ground very well. If your Lily of the Valley takes up too much space, you can easily cut a piece off with a sharp spade.
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  • Specifics
  • This plant is particularly admired for its lovely white flowers. These flowers form in clusters and spread a strong fragrance around the garden. Plant Lily of the Valley in your garden and you'll be picking plenty of them for the flower vase in your home! It is best to pick them in the morning and put them directly into water.
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  • Extra information
  • Latin name Convallaria majalis 
    Delivery type Supplied as bare-rooted plant
    Guarantee 5 years guarantee
    Color White
    Light preference partial sun ,  full shade
    Scented deliciously scented
    Flowers for cutting yes
    Flowering period May - June
    Growing height20 - 25 cm
    Planting distance20 - 30 cm
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