Organic fruit

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Fruit that you grow yourself tastes even better when it’s organic! Our organic fruit is grown 100% naturally, right from the start and according to strict SKAL certification requirements. The plants have been grown in organic soil and fertiliser, and have not been sprayed with chemical pesticides. This keeps them as nature intended and the bees love it too! How would you like some sweet raspberries, blackberries, kiwis or blueberries? Do you love figs? Plant a fig tree! These bear fruit at least twice a year and are also winter-hardy. Ever had a fresh goji berry? You can now, with your own goji berry bush. Did you know that most organic fruit is simply grown in pots? Perfect for the patio or balcony! Don’t wait another minute and start growing your own organic fruit today. You’ll never miss your daily requirement for fresh vitamins, minerals and antioxidants again!