Ornamental Shrubs

At Bakker.com you will find a wide selection of ornamental shrubs which are available in lots of different varieties and sizes. There are shrubs that will just amaze you in the flowering season with the loveliest of flowers. Others will be noticed for their variegated foliage or prettily coloured trunks and branches. There’s a huge choice! Ornamental shrubs can be used in various ways in the garden – at the back of a border, as a statement feature, or as hedging. If you choose fruit bearing ornamental shrubs, your garden will attract loads of cheerful little birds.

171 Items
171 Items
Ornamental bushes and shrubs
The branches of ornamental bushes and shrubs turn woody (called lignification) and they don’t die back in the winter. There are lots of varieties to choose from. Some ornamental shrubs lose foliage in the winter and some are evergreen. Many have the most beautiful flowers in season. Choose wisely and you could have various shrubs that flower one after the other and have the most spectacular colours in your garden for months on end. It’s up to you! Will you order flowering, evergreen or strikingly variegated foliage bushes and shrubs?
For more tips on planting and caring for ornamental shrubs, check out our gardening advice pages online.