Standard Roses

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Standard roses are magnificent roses that come in all the colours of the rainbow. They can be planted as a solitary feature but are also effective in groups or planted along a path or driveway. Planted in a border, a standard rose bush introduces a unique extra dimension, giving the garden both height and depth. See below for our range of standard roses.

Standard rose bushes in the garden

You can create just a lovely effect in your garden with barely any effort if you use standard rose bushes. A standard rose bush takes up very little space and great for creating flower height in the garden, treating us to lovely flowers in the most wonderful shades. Try a standard rose bush in amongst your low growing annuals or perennials. Using one or more standard rose bushes in the garden, or in a large planter on the patio/decking, really does add an extra dimension to the place.

For more tips on planting or caring for standard rose bushes, take a look in our gardening advice pages online.

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