Cacti and succulents are particularly easy indoor plants to care for. Requiring very little maintenance, they are ideal for every plant lover. Decorative cacti and succulents stand out as individuals or as a group and grow well in places where other indoor plants struggle to survive (in the direct sun or above a radiator). These tough and decorative cacti are a great addition to any interior. Choose your favourite cactus or succulent from our extensive range!

Where does the cactus come from?
Most varieties of cacti come from North, Central and South America. Cacti grow in natural habitat in desert regions, on prairies, mountains, jungles and rainforests. A cactus easily adapts to any type of environment, which makes a cactus an easy house plant to care for. There are many places in the home where some house plants find it difficult to grow well, like direct sun, too much shade or above a radiator, for these places a cactus is the perfect solution.
How much watering does a cactus need?
Cacti and succulents can last a long time between waterings, don’t need a lot of light and can tolerate the dry air of our homes. Depending on the actual size of your cactus, and the time of year, a cactus really only occasionally needs a small amount of water. Water very sparingly, or even not at all, between November and March. From March on, give them a little water every 3 or 4 weeks. Allow the soil to dry out entirely between waterings.
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