Hydrangea Magical Four Seasons

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So what's so special about the Magical Hydrangea? A Magical Hydrangea really is magic! In the space of a year, its multitude of flowers change colour at least three or four times! Such an exciting and entrancing spectacle to have in the garden. The 'magic' large-flowered hydrangea has strong branches that keep the plant standing upright, even in the case of heavy and prolonged rain showers. The hydrangea is above all a superb plant, perfect for both beginners and experienced gardeners.

Magical Four Seasons Hydrangea, the most resistant hydrangea

Hydrangeas with the Magical label have been selected and cultivated for you with the utmost care. Besides their ability to change colour so frequently, the long life cycle of the plant is also a remarkable advantage. On their sturdy stems, the vigorous flowers are weather resistant to rain and remain beautiful in the bright sunshine. They flower for a long time too – well into autumn!