Patio and Decking Plants

Want to make your balcony or patio lush and lovely? Take a look at our special, eye-catching plants for the patio or balcony. What do you think about a lovely fruit or citrus tree? You can walk right up to it and pick your own fruit. Not a lot of room on your balcony or patio? Forget about floor space—the sky’s the limit! Place plants and flowers in hanging pots and create a vertical garden. Remember that not all patio and balcony plants are winter-hardy. Sometimes you have to bring them inside. Order online. Always with a 100% flowering and growth guarantee.

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Blueberry 'Patriot' Quick View

Blueberry 'Patriot'

from£ 9.99  £ 7.99
Kumquat Quick View


£ 48.95  £ 38.99
Mandarin Orange Tree Quick View

Mandarin Orange Tree

from£ 27.95  £ 22.25
Anemone Clematis Quick View

Anemone Clematis

from£ 9.99  £ 7.99
Strelitzia Quick View


£ 16.95  £ 13.50
Clematis 'Piilu' Quick View

Clematis 'Piilu'

from£ 12.45  £ 9.95
Lemon Tree Quick View

Lemon Tree

from£ 19.95  £ 15.95
Parrot Impatiens Quick View

Parrot Impatiens

from£ 9.25  £ 7.25
Mixed Clematis Quick View

Mixed Clematis

£ 42.50  £ 33.99
Clematis 'Nubia' Quick View

Clematis 'Nubia'

£ 17.50  £ 13.99
Clematis 'Ninon' Quick View

Clematis 'Ninon'

£ 17.50  £ 13.99
Heliotropium Quick View


£ 12.95  £ 10.25
65 Items