Climbing Plants

Climbing plants add a new dimension to gardening. Ramblers and creeping plants – they all give vertical accents and use up space in your garden or on the patio/decking that would otherwise remain unused – upwards. We could actually call it ‘vertical gardening’. A climbing plant will really cheer up a bare wall or fence making it seem much friendlier. Ugly walls, boring fencing – they become transformed with a sea of blooms. Especially when combined with other plants, climbers, creepers and ramblers will give you months of pleasure in the garden. Check out our extensive collection of climbers, creeping plants and ramblers here below!

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Anemone Clematis Quick View

Anemone Clematis

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Clematis 'Piilu' Quick View

Clematis 'Piilu'

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Clematis 'Taiga' Quick View

Clematis 'Taiga'

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Mixed Clematis Quick View

Mixed Clematis

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Clematis 'Nubia' Quick View

Clematis 'Nubia'

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Clematis 'Ninon' Quick View

Clematis 'Ninon'

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31 Items
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Buying climbing plants
The variety of climbing, creeping and rambling plants is surprisingly large, providing us lots of different possibilities. Order flowering, leaf-dropping and evergreen climbers. There are climbing plants that attach themselves, and others that require support to help them climb. Use a climbing frame, or a pergola, or wires over the wall/fencing. Climbing plants are easy to grow. Only vigorous growers will need regular pruning.
Which climber to buy
When choosing the right climber, creeper or rambler for you, it’s important to think about just what effect you would like it to create. There are a lot of different possibilities. Your climber could be to cover or decorate a wall or fence, you might want it to be a divider, perhaps you want it to grow over a pergola, or even use it as hedging or as ground cover. Climbers that attach themselves with suckers are great for covering a wall or fence. Ramblers with strong shoots like a rambling rose are also great over a wall but will need to be tied-in.
Climbers on the patio or decking
A pergola is a popular piece of garden decor for growing climbers over. If you don’t have the room for that, attach wires across the wall or fence for the plant to attach to. Fencing, even chicken wire is often just the very thing for growing climbers up and over. You can even buy ready made wooden and metal climbing frames. Do get yourself some climbers, creepers and ramblers for your garden because a wall of plants just looks so much prettier than bare wall or fencing!
For more information and tips on caring for climbing plants, check our gardening advise pages online.
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