Border Plants

Perennial border plants are the basis of your flower beds. You will have a well-balanced and harmonious result by combining different varieties of flowering and evergreen perennials, flower bulbs, shrubs and annuals. Choose the tallest plants for the backdrop coming down in height with low-growing plants at the front. Always take into account their growth habit, foliage, the colour and size of the flowers and also the flowering time. Plants always look their best when planted in groups of 3 or 5 plants. It is also an idea to work with a theme for the border - fragrant, classic or you may prefer a more natural border. You can create an explosion of colour in your border or you can opt for harmonising colours and shapes. Bakker offers a very wide assortment of perennials. Quickly take a look below!

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Lady's Mantle Quick View

Lady's Mantle

£ 5.50  £ 3.75
Helleborus Mixed Quick View

Helleborus Mixed

£ 19.99  £ 13.99
Blue barlow Quick View

Blue barlow

£ 14.99  £ 10.25
Toad Lily Quick View

Toad Lily

£ 9.95  £ 6.95
Lady's Mantle Quick View

Lady's Mantle

£ 3.99  £ 2.75
Hosta ‘Halcyon’ Quick View

Hosta ‘Halcyon’

from£ 3.99  £ 2.75
Malva  'Alba' Quick View

Malva 'Alba'

£ 7.50  £ 4.25
Mallow 'Alba' Quick View

Mallow 'Alba'

£ 3.99  £ 2.75
Lavender Quick View


from£ 6.95  £ 4.75
Butterfly lavender Quick View

Butterfly lavender

from£ 7.95  £ 5.50
81 Items