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Lilies are among the most elegant flowers in the garden and are available in many different shapes, sizes and beautiful colours. The most popular and better known are of course the white lilies and the pink lilies. Lilies look great and provide colour in beds and borders but will also thrive in a large planter on the patio or decking. Just lovely actually! Wherever you plant them, in groups or in gaps between other plants these bulbs are sure to be noticed when in bloom - so sumptuous! Lilies make great cut flowers too. Enjoy a lovely bouquet in a vase on your table with your own grown lilies. Give our extensive collection of lily bulbs a quick look and you too will soon be enjoying lilies in your garden for years to come!

How to plant lily bulbs!

Lilies can be planted in autumn or in spring. Lily bulbs are hardy and relatively easy to care for. Plant the bulbs about 10-15 cm deep. Lilies grow best in full sun or part shade. They like a nice moist place. Lilies like their head in the sun and feet in the shade. Protect lilies from drought with some ground cover planting above them, or some low growing shrubs, for some extra shade on the soil. In dry periods (apart from a little extra watering) give them a mulch of well-rotted manure. Their soil must be fertile and permeable. The smaller varieties are perfect for growing in pots and planters.

Buy your lily bulbs online at has many different varieties of lily bulbs, including unusual ones, in the collection. From the classic Asian lily, and lovely oriental lily to that exclusive black lily. You can find all sorts at and you will be able to totally transform your garden with a sea of colourful blooms. Or plant up a few pretty pots or planters for the patio or decking, or even a window box with a low growing variety. Delightful!
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