Keukenhof Flower Bulbs

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Do you want a little Keukenhof in your own garden? Our special Keukenhof Flower Bulb collection comprises the most beautiful flower bulbs, next spring your own garden will look like a miniature Keukenhof.
We have colourful tulips, cheerful daffodils and delightfully scented hyacinths plus lots more... you can find them all in our special Keukenhof flower bulb selection. You don’t have much space in your garden? All our bulbs flower just as well in pots and planters. Also ideal are our handy ‘lasagne’ layer packs for pots on the patio or decking. Would you like to buy your own Keukenhof bulbs? Take a quick look now and transform your own garden or patio into a miniature Keukenhof!
Keukenhof Holland, the largest flower garden in Europe, is full of the most beautiful flowering bulbs in spring. Click here for more information on the Keukenhof in the Netherlands.

Buy Keukenhof flower bulbs with A-status 

All flower bulbs from are classed as A-status. This means that the flower bulbs have been graded to the highest possible quality, variety, colours, size and health. therefore gives a 100% Growth and Flowering Guarantee on all flower bulbs in their collection. supplies the Keukenhof with flower bulbs

Did you know that supplies the Keukenhof with over 200,000 bulbs every year? As well as holding the agreement to supply all these flower bulbs, the Keukenhof is actually our neighbours! You can see all our bulbs in bloom in the biggest flower garden not that far from Amsterdam, in this drone footage:


There are more than seven million tulips, daffodils, crocuses, hyacinths and other flower bulbs at the Keukenhof. Also roses in all sorts of colours and sizes, gerberas and of course trees with the most beautiful blossom. It is all available at the Keukenhof!

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