Top 10 perennials

Perennials come in all different shapes, sizes and types. Which one is right for you? In order to make it easier for you, we have put together this list of our top ten perennials.

1. Bamboo

Bamboo isn’t just for pandas — it’s also an incredible perennial. With its tall shoots, bamboo is a striking plant and serves as excellent protection from the wind or as a divider. Bamboo is evergreen and when planted in open soil, winter-hardy as well. In a pot, it will need to be kept out of freezing temperatures. Don’t be afraid of bamboo running wild: our Jiuzhaigou won’t take over your garden.

2. Lavender

There’s really no reason not to have lavender around. It smells wonderful, comes in gorgeous colours and stays beautiful year round. You can grow lavender in open soil as well as in a pot. The perfect perennial for your garden, patio or balcony. Lavender is always the right choice!

3. Ground cover plants

A carpet of colour in your garden year round. Ground cover plants come in various colours and you can “cover” as much or as little with them as you choose. They also look great in a pot or all around the patio. Want a fire-red or yellow sea of flowers? Choose one of our different colours of stonecrop. We even have a combination of both colours. Stonecrop is an evergreen plant and is perfect for rocky gardens.

4. Pampas grass

Have you ever seen lovely, white plumes swaying in the wind on a cold grey day? That was most likely pampas grass. This South American decorative grass is evergreen and a strong grower. But just good for gardens, right? No way — pampas grass looks fantastic in a decorative pot on your patio or balcony. They grow more compactly in pots.


5. Lilies of the valley

This gentle-looking plant is a powerful spring bloomer that keeps coming back, year after year. The flowers form bunches at the ends of the stems, which gives them a whimsical look. Lilies of the valley are just as beautiful in open soil as they are in a fun planter on the patio or balcony.

6. Creeping thyme

This fragrant crawler is great as both ground cover and a perennial. You can even walk over it, so it can be planted between stepping stones and rocky gardens. Creeping thyme thrives in a pot too.

7. Phlox

The phlox attracts many butterflies with its fragrant flowers. This compact creeping plant grows perfectly in flower pots, balcony planters, shallow bowls and even in a hanging basket. Phlox also looks fantastic crawling down a wall or planted in a rock garden.

8. Peonies

The peony is an abundant bloomer and the longer it stays in the same location, the more densely it flowers. Peonies are perfect in open soil or in a planter on your patio or balcony.


9. Edelweiss

Did you know that the edelweiss was once threatened with extinction? This Alp flower was so adored by tourists that it was plucked too often. Luckily, the edelweiss has re-established itself. It thrives in planters, but also does well in open soil. This flower really loves the great outdoors!

10. Hellebore

The hellebore is winter’s loveliest bloomer. Even its seed pods are gorgeous. Something nice to look at even after the flowers are gone! The hellebore flourishes in open soil, but also looks wonderful in a planter on the patio or balcony.

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