The Greenhouse In August


When it is warm and dry for a long period of time, you should regularly ‘damp down’ the floor of your greenhouse and that also applies to your staging and walls too. In extreme heat you should do this twice a day, morning and evening. Don’t forget the floor under your potting bench! Keeping the atmosphere damp also helps with the humidity and keeps away pests such as spider mites.


Towards the end of August the days become noticeably shorter, but the plants in the greenhouse will need all the daylight they can get – so remove the whitewash or the gauze or raise the screens.

Windows and doors

Towards the end of summer, the nights begin to get colder again. When the night temperatures drop you should close the ventilators and doors to retain the warmth of the day, and then open them again in the morning.

Tip: Make sure that no birds have flown in! They often have great difficulty finding a way out, even when the doors and windows are open. They don’t understand the ‘phenomenon’ of glass and will probably fly into it.