Taking Care Of Bamboo


In recent years bamboo has become very popular as a garden plant & oriental gardens. Bamboo looks fine on its own but can be used in many ways, for example as a hedge. Before buying bamboo, please take the following notes into account:

1. Choose location

Whilst on average bamboo has very few demands, it does have a soil preference. For optimal growth, it appreciates a well-drained soil, rich in nutrients. If your garden soil does not meet these requirements, the plant will usually adapt well to poorer soils. This could create a stunted growth or even a plant that is ‘wandering' searching for a more suitable place. If you want to give your bamboo the best possible start, for optimal growth and health, you should improve your soil.

2. Sun or shade?

Variegated and lower growing species can thrive in a shady spot (among others Fargesia nitida); the larger mature species usually prefer a sunny spot (among others Phyllostachys species). Nevertheless: most bamboo species can handle either sun or shade. Note: a real shade-loving cultivar really cannot stand too much sun, the leaves would soon wither and drop.

How to plant bamboo?

  • Prepare a large hole of at least 60 cm deep and 5 times wider than the root ball.
  • If it is necessary to improve the soil, add some special bamboo fertiliser or nitrogen fertiliser rich with minerals and dig into the garden soil.
  • Fill the hole completely with water; after the ground is saturated, you can plant.
  • Put the bamboo in the hole (at the same depth as it was grown in the pot).
  • Add the remaining soil and press the ground firmly.
  • Water thoroughly after planting. During the first few weeks water the plant frequently. As the bamboos have a lot of leaves, the water evaporates quickly.
  • From spring to late August regular add an organic fertiliser with a high nitrogen content such as granulated cow manure or lawn fertiliser.
  • Water regularly during dry periods.
  • To promote hardening of the young shoots, at the beginning of autumn apply some extra potassium.

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