Rooftop garden

Do you have a roof garden that’s maybe in need of cheering up? There are lots of different things you could do to make your roof garden a pleasant place to sit, relax, have a BBQ or drink with friends.

Often, there’s not that much room on a roof garden so what you need are a few large objects instead of lots of small ones. A garden settee or a compact patio table with a couple of chairs and two, three or four large planters can make things seem roomier. Do you have room for a raised bed perhaps? Then a miniature garden on the roof would be fantastic!

Buy attractive, big planters that drain well. Potted plants on rooftops have to withstand a lot of the elements as there isn’t always enough shelter for them from extreme heat, winds and cold. Place the pots as sheltered as you can and water them generously, daily in the summer.

There are some plants that really don’t like the sun, others are not happy in the wind. Here’s a list of some ideal pot plants you can use anywhere on a roof garden:


If you deadhead regularly, your flowering plants will be encouraged to flower again.