Purple Garden

Exciting and soothing, a garden design with purple flowers!

The colour purple: a beautiful and mystical colour when used to decorate the home and garden. For the construction of a garden, there are a lot of different trees, shrubs, perennials or annual plants available which produce beautiful purple flowers. One such example is the spectacular Allium, ideal to create a purple accent in your garden? The choice of purple flowers is huge, even with bulbs.

Purple throughout the year

Start the gardening season with the early flowering purple crocus. It flourishes through the snow and it immediately announces the beginning of spring. In the course of the spring purple flowers embrace us more and more. In a beautiful purple border all these beautiful purple flowers are enhanced by trees, grasses and shrubs with greying, deep purple or dark-coloured foliage. If there is a limit to your love of purple, play with other colour combinations; a purple border will combine perfectly with white flowers, pink or even with contrasting yellow flowers.

Purple garden accessories

Of course, the garden accessories should not be forgotten because they will make the garden complete. Purple garden accessories such as flower pots and garden cushions enhance the splendour of purple flowers. A flower box of wood scaffolding is great combined in a garden with purple flowers.

Vertical gardening in a purple garden

If you have some space left against a fence, or wall, for green plants and flowering plants then vertical gardening is a garden trend that might appeal to you. For vertical gardening hang nice plant bags on a fence, or wall and plant several beautiful perennials. Climbers are also a decorative option to give more colour. Vertical gardening can make your garden even more purple and green!

There are opportunities abound with purple flowers and accessories for the garden!