Pruning Wisteria



Branches that are growing in the wrong place or have become too long can be removed throughout the growing season (April - September).

Rejuvenation pruning

If a climbing plant has become too big, it can be rejuvenated by pruning in stages. In the case of wisteria, this should preferably be done after flowering in June to July. In the first year, cut through or pull up one or more of the main branches at the base of the plant. If all the branches are tangled together, it is best to wait a few days after cutting the main branches. You will then be able to see which branches are dying and will not remove the wrong branches by mistake. The main branches are often so thick that normal secateurs are not powerful enough. Use hedge clippers to ensure that the pruning wound is as smooth as possible.

The plant will start to grow again in spring. New shoots at the base will develop into stems. As soon as these grow to a reasonable size, you can continue thinning out the main branches as described above.
This can be repeated every year or every two years, according to your preference.