Pruning Redcurrant


Ribes rubrum

Redcurrant can be pruned from the first year onwards. After planting, cut the shoots back by about a third to create an airy bush. Retain about four main branches.

Pruning in January - February

Prune the previous year’s growth back by about half. Wait until a frost-free day to do this. Weak branches and horizontally growing branches should preferably be removed completely. Retain six main branches (leaders) in the second year. In each subsequent year, prune the laterals (side branches growing from the main branches) back to one bud. These buds will form new laterals in the coming summer. Leave one or two extra main branches each year until the bush has eight to ten of these leaders. If one of the main branches becomes less productive, it can be cut back to a vigorous side branch and this side branch can be allowed to develop into a new leader.

We recommend that you never prune in freezing weather.